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Pr NDIKUBWAYO Joseph - Radio Board President


Pr NSENGIYUMVA Eric Steven - Communication Director.

Pr NIYONGERE Elijah Autriche - Managing Director.


Mr. GAHUNGU Pascal - Technical Director.

Mrs. IGIRUBUNTU Jeanine - Accountant/Administrative Assistant.

Mr. NIYONCUTI Adiel - Driver/Technician/Presenter.

Mr. MANIRAKIZA Dieudonne - Volunteer Radio Programs.

Mr. RUZOVIYO Denis - Volunteer.

Mrs. MUNEREZO Justine - Volunteer Production.

Mr. NIYONZIMA Jeremie - Volunteer Production.

Mr. NKUNDABANYANKA Steven - Volunteer.

Mr. MBAZUMUTIMA Adolphe - Volunteer.

Mr. NTISINZIRA Ferdinand - Volunteer.

Mr. NDIKUMANA J. Baptist - Volunteer.

Mr. NIMUBONA Lambert - Volunteer.

Mr. Albert BUKURU - Volunteer.

----Advertising Rates----

Program Sponsorship Spot Adverts DJ. Mention Announcements
Full Program 1/day 1 Church
Hourly 2/day 2 Death
30 Mins 3/day 3 Commercial
Talk Show 4/day 4 Special

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Elder Maurice Pollin - Website Project Sponsor.

Welcome to Radio Agakiza in Burundi, the radio that brings hope in a hopeless world and Prepares all nations for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

The streaming,internet, website and all that was necessary for Radio Agakiza to broadcast all over the world, was an act of faith.We started with nothing but thanks to a Belgian benefactor who gave all the financial support we needed and a Burundian/Belgian lady living in Geneva,we were able realize the so long cherished dream of the Radio Managing Director Pr. Autriche and his colleagues. There is one thing you should not forget and that is the need of your continued financial support and prayers. We count on you and appeal to all our friends and listners for their help because operating a radio and streaming 24/7 is very expensive.Thank you very much!!!

    Facts Board

    Although Kirundi and French are the official languages of Burundi, Swahili is spoken commonly all over the country.

    At the beginning of the 20th Century Burundi and Rwanda was ruled by Germany and Belgium, and the region was then known as Ruanda-Urundi.

    Burundi and Rwanda gained independence on July 1, 1962.